Mission & Vision

l. To promote unity, fellow feeling, fraternity and a sense of brotherhood among different sections of the Indian people.

2. To work for advancement of learning, promotion of fine arts and dissemination of Education in particular, among poor and deserving students in West Bengal.

3. To encourage the study of Social Activities, Literary and Scientific subjects and to enthuse the new generation with a spirit of inquiry and research.

4. To set up archives and collections of manuscripts and other original source and historical materials and to undertake publication of books, rare and valuable books.

5. To organize seminars, debates, symposia, literary discourses discussions and features in order to cultivate among the young, the art of public speaking.

6. To organize, arrange and encourage indoor and outdoor games, physical and culture and innocent pass-time.

7. To institute and grant stipends, scholarships and awards meritorious and deserving students for studies in India as well as abroad.

8. To organize, run and conduct classes for teaching modern Languages by Linguaphone or other improved methods.

9. To prepare candidates to compete for I.F.S., I.A.S., I.P.S., W.B.C.S., and other allied Central and State competitive examinations.I

10. To work for the amelioration of the lot, the poor and the indigent and for free education of their children.

11. To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be deemed expedient or conductive for the attainment of the aforesaid aims and objectives.